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Debt Relief Options keyboard_arrow_down Debt Consolidation Credit Card Consolidation Debt Settlement Why we're Better Proven Results Who We Are FAQ Contact Us

Our Mission Statement

To help our clients find the best possible debt relief solution so that our clients can live life Debt Free and Stress Free.

Our Philosophy

To find the best possible debt relief solution for our clients. We focus on analyzing each of our client’s situations on a case by case basis since not all debt is created equal. Based on the debt relief needs of our clients, we find a solution that will help our clients get out of debt as soon as possible while keeping the monthly payments affordable.

Our Brand and Reputation

"A brand is what a business does, reputation is what people remember."

We value our brand and take pride in providing the best debt relief options to our clients. What we value more is how people remember us. We make our clients our top priority from the beginning of the debt relief journey all the way to the end. At the beginning of the journey, we focus on recommending a debt relief solution that meets the needs of our client. During the debt relief journey, we focus on keeping our payments affordable while focusing on paying off creditors that are more demanding and pose the most collection risk to our clients.

Our Team

The debt relief journey for our clients are achieved by having a team of experts with different roles in helping our clients achieve their debt free goals.

Debt Consultants

The journey starts with these team members. Our Debt Consultants are trained underwriters. Their job is to pull a credit report, analyze the client’s debt portfolio and recommend a Debt Consolidation service that meets the needs of the client.

Customer Service Reps

The journey continues once a client is enrolled in our Debt Consolidation program with these team members. Customer service reps are responsible for being the main point of contact for our clients and effectively communicating with the client every step of the way until the client is debt free.

Debt Negotiators

These team members follow the blue print of the Debt Relief Journey that was set by our clients and Debt Consultants. Our Debt Negotiators are the experts that deal with the banks to negotiate and resolve each and every debt until our clients are debt free.

A message from our Founder

"We take pride in being the Best Debt Relief Company and value every client that trusts us with their
debt relief journey. We will always put the client’s best interest first."

Tim Saighani

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DISCLAIMER: Debt Consolidation Program (“Program”) also known as Debt Relief or Debt Settlement serviced thru CountryWide Debt Relief (“CWDR”) refers to clients who have enrolled in a Program with CWDR. Whereas CWDR shall work aggressively to negotiate the Program Debt, not all debts can be negotiated and not all creditors negotiate.  Individual Program results may vary and are based on but not limited to the ability of clients to save funds and successfully complete their Program terms and conditions, the amount and type of debts and creditors, history of accounts and financial standing of clients.  Any specific or general reference to “debt free”, “savings”, “eliminate” or “reduce” debts only refers to clients that have successfully enrolled and completed their Program resulting in all Program Debt being settled for less than the original balance enrolled. Any figures given or statements made are examples of past performances and are not intended to guarantee future results and CWDR does not guarantee that debts successfully enrolled in the Program will be settled, lowered by a specific amount or percentage, settled in a specific time period or that clients will be “debt free” in a specific time period. All Program terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and not all applicants are approved.  The Program is not available in all states and other restrictions apply. Read and understand all Program materials prior to enrollment, including potential adverse impact on credit rating. CWDR is not a law firm and does not provide any legal, bankruptcy, tax or accounting advice or credit repair services and anyone considering bankruptcy should consult a bankruptcy attorney. Please contact a tax professional to discuss potential tax consequences of the Program. Depending on your state, we may be able to recommend a Bankruptcy attorney. Depending on your state, we may be able to refer you to our lending partners for a Debt Consolidation Loan. Annual Percentage Rates provided by our lending partners range from 5.99% to 35.89%. Please note that calls with the company may be recorded for quality assurance.

**Approval Guarantees are based on: Minimum of $10,000 in credit card debts and the ability of the client to afford a minimum of $250 monthly payments.

*Do nothing option assumes making only the minimum payments on the debts each month with APR of 17% and minimum payment of 2% of the outstanding balance each month.
Savings illustrated is the difference between the total payments to CWDR and Total payments if just the MINIMUM monthly payments were being paid on the debts.