Debt Settlement

This option helps consumers combine multiple debts with the goal of negotiating reduced payoffs with creditors. Consumers deposit funds in an escrow savings account for the purpose of paying off their debts. The debt consolidation company then uses the funds to negotiate a reduced payoff with creditors. LEARN MORE about Debt Consolidation Programs.

Sometimes referred to as “credit counselling,” debt management programs involve working with a credit counsellor who will help you manage your debts by reducing your interest rates and/or extending your payback period. Your plan will typically require a monthly payment to your creditors, minus a monthly service fee charged by your debt management company.

Bankruptcy is generally a last resort option, as it can seriously impact your credit profile. Since bankruptcy involves resorting to the legal process, you will need to hire an attorney to help you navigate the proceedings. A judge will ultimately determine how your creditors should be paid.

See What Our Customers Say

“… Prior to working with Countrywide, our debt situation was completely out of control. The pressure exerted by creditors on our family and the associated financial and emotional stress created a really difficult situation…It is difficult in writing how the professionalism and outstanding services at Countrywide has enabled us to reduce stress, regain financial security while achieving a debt free life…I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your team for the work that you do to help families such as ours become debt free and live happier and more fulfilling lives.”